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Friday, November 30, 2012


The first part of the movie was hard to take --especially with wonderful Robert De Niro doing a superb job of playing the obnoxious father of Bradley Cooper who has just come home to live after spending court mandated time in a mental institution after he "lost it" when he found his wife in the shower with another man.   Lots of yelling, not one of my favorite things.   However, if you can endure the first half hour or so, it gets better and better, especially when Jennifer Lawrence enters the picture.  She's irresistible,  although she's considered rather nutty.  She's definitely not ordinary. She offers to help  Cooper win his unfaithful  wife  back -- because she is friends with a friend and can get them connected -- in a rather unique way.  You may love this movie, you may hate it.  I'm sort of in-between.  Marvelous Cast Directed by David O. Russell, the acting is flawless.     

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