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Thursday, February 20, 2014


If you are of a Scientific Nature,  and/ or  interested in fine art, you will probably really appreciate this excellent Documentary Film, which depicts an artist named "Tim" something or other, who experiments with mirrors to try to discover/determine how the famous Vermeer was able to achieve the marvelous paintings he created.  Because I am not sufficiently knowledgeable (I'm actually quite ignorant) in the field of art, and certainly not scientifically inclined, I can only report that I believe this was very well done documentary.   


I was expecting the film to be based on Shakespeare's play of the same title. Shame of me for not investigating ahead of time!  This was NOT  Shakespeare's "Winter's Tale."   The movie presents a rather confusing plot including some - what seemed to be time travel, and a "miracle."   It's redeeming feature was the marvelous acting of Colin Farrell.   (He's ALWAYS great!)


Despite bad reviews from Critics --- once again confirming Guruka Singh's wise comment, "Critics are paid to be critical," I enjoyed "Monuments Men."   It had a wonderful cast (including George Clooney, need I say more?) and an interesting story, based on fact: the attempts to rescue great art works at the end of World War II before the Germans could destroy these treasures.  It's not a great movie, but it's worth seeing.