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Sunday, June 10, 2012


From a story by Henning Mankell, known as the "godfather of Swedish crime fiction," featuring the Chief Inspector we've met in previous Swedish detective thrillers (such as "Girl With the Dragon Tatoo"), flawlessly Directed by Charlotte Brondstrom,  "Wallander: The Revenge" lives up to its heritage.  There's something indefinable  - but excellent -  about the feel of this film that is different from the way it would have been if it were an American production.  Krister Henriksson plays the lead role of the 62 year old Chief inspector "Kurt Wallander" who has to solve several very bloody murders at the same time investigating a huge explosion at the power plant, that cripples several towns, plus a few car bombings.  All actors perfectly cast.  ( I couldn't locate this film on  -- maybe they've never heard of it!  Anyway, for me, it rates 100% on the Shakti meter!)    Highly recommended if you like this genre.


  1. Actually, this is an entire series! I have all of the 26 ninety minute episodes on disk. We have watched the first few and they're great. Much better than the Kenneth Branaugh ones which were the BBC's versions of the originals.

    The one you saw, Hämnden (Revenge) is actually the first show of the 2010 season in Sweden.

    More here:

  2. Whoops, I mean the SECOND show of the 2010 TV season in Sweden. The first one that year was Hemligheten (the Secret.)