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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Several years ago I read the book on which this disappointing (to say the least) film was based.  The book was wonderful.  I disliked the movie intensely!  However,  I saw it with a friend, who had not read the book, and she liked the movie a lot!   The plot revolves around the friendship established between two very young girls who are ceremoniously made "lautong" or "soul sisters." This relationship is is permanent one, supposed to continue through generations. In the film, which jumps around from the 19th Century to contemporary times (including two different years -- just to add to the confusion) and shows Snow Flower and Lily, the protagonists, as children (the only good part of the film) and as adults. (The movie script, unfortunately added a lot of the contemporary scenes that were not in the book.)  There are long, lingering, sorrowful looks the camera seemed to love.  I did not. Over the top sentimental melodramaSoap opera stuffboring!!  Directed by Wayne Wang.

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