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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


When I looked up the credits for this film I understood why "Uncle Rafael" sounded as if he were swallowing his words through the back of his teeth:  he was speaking through a prosthetic to make him look like the elderly "Uncle."  So, it wasn't my faulty hearing, nor his Iranian accent that made his dialogue so garbled!   He, Vahik Pirhamzei, also played the role of "Hamo," a younger man.  The plot, if you can call it that, deals with a cultural belief (?) that every family needs an "uncle" -- a person of wisdom who can solve inter-personal relationship problems.   So, with that as the starting point, an eager reality show producer decides to hire a man to act as an uncle in a dysfunctional family, so she can film the result and prove what a great producer she is.   Marc Fusco may not want to admit that he was the Director of this confusing, uneven (there were a few amusing scenes in it) disappointing film.  Even the five critics I read didn't give it very high marks. For a change, I agree with them.  Thumbs down. 

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