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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


People who love horses will surely love this documentary about the annual contest called the "Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge."  And, even if, like me, you have no relationship with horses, you are certainly going to find it fascinating!  It involves 100 contestants who have 100 days in which to tame and successfully ride 100 wild Mustangs who are selected at random from a government corral (rounded up annually).   What struck me was the genuine affection and emotional bonding these trainers (some professional, some definitely not) develop for their horses. Each trainer uses a slightly different technique to gain the confidence and trust of his/her Mustang.  Once they succeed (some take more days than others) in the taming and riding, the Mustangs are then put up for auction to the public.  It's actually quite heart-rending when some of the trainers cannot afford to bid enough to own the horse they have grown to love.  Directed by Greg Cricias and Alex Dawson, very effectively photographedit's an  excellent film.

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