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Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to Shakti's New Blog!

Dearly Beloved Gentle Readers, known and unknown! I had to start a new blog (with the incomparable help of Guruka Singh) when I changed my email address. I hope those of you who followed my previous blog "Movies and More: Positively Personal Reviews," will be able to find this one. For those of you who are new, and by accident or intent opened this blog, let me say that I don't like 3D, I do like action films, and in the TV arena, I lean toward legal dramas, with, hopefully some humor. ("Fairly Legal" and "Harry's Law" my current favorites.  I definitely like "The Mentalist" and "White Collar."  I was sorry to read that they are canceling "Lie to Me."  Also, I'm addicted to watching "Jeopardy." I appreciate TCM (Turner Classic Movies) and often find oldies but goodies showing on it. Living in L.A. (the City of the Angels) not only gives me easy access to fine Multi-Plex theaters with reserved stadium seating, but there's a wonderful smaller chain, the "Laemmle Theaters," which present great Art and Foreign Films (I appreciate the sub-titles - being somewhat hearing-challenged). Thank you for your patience and kind attention. BTW,  I'm not a "critic" -- I try to avoid seeing films I that I probably won't like, so I read LA Times reviews, and look on "" ahead of time.  I won't see films with torture, kidnapping of children, or other weird stuff.  (Sci-Fi is OK, depending...) So as someone used to say (was it Robert Ebert?), "See you at the movies!"   SP

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  1. Hi Shakti!
    so glad you are back in the saddle
    i am hoping to see exporting raymond...sounds quite funny
    xo davi