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Friday, July 26, 2013


Was the original "RED"over the top violent?    I don't remember it as such, but I can tell you, the current film is extremely violent!     But, the redeeming feature is the clever dialogue (I laughed a lot), and the outstanding performance  of  each member of  the stellar cast, particularly  John Malkovitch, who was a hoot!   I've never been a great  fan of his, but I  am now! He was hilarious.. (You've got to love the cap with furry ear flaps he wears.) His inimitable facial expressions,  convey exactly  what he's thinking.  
Then there's the always wonderful, Bruce Willis (despite (or perhaps because of?) being bald, he looks as young as ever) . He' really likable..  
The inimitable Helen Mirren shoots straight as often as necessary (which is a lot), reprising her role from RED (though she doesn't have as much screen time in this sequel as I would have wished.)  
Surprisingly, Mary Louise Parker more than holds her own among this excellent group.  I think it's the best work she's ever done.   If you can get past the really heavy duty opening violence, the movie is great fun, so with that caveat, I recommend it.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


The boundaries of decency were not only pushed, they were knocked over, kicked and trampled to a pulp by the constant foul language coming out of the mouths of the two lead actresses.  How DEGRADING for Sandra Bullock (playing an FBI agent) and Melissa McCarthy (portraying a Boston Cop) who star in this "comedy." .  Yes, there were laughs, but the vulgarity and constant use of  the "F" word was beyond "offensive."  (to say the least!)  
  The question in my mind is, "would THE HEAT have been just as funny without the disgusting language?   
            How sad to hear fine actresses willing to utter such consistently vile dialogue.    Shame on the Director and the actresses who bought into this script. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Despite a negative review in the LA Times by Keneth Turan, the film critic,  my friends and I loved  "THE LONE RANGER!"  (and so did the rest of the audience who applauded enthusiastically  not only at the end of the film, but several times during the show. Handsome Armie Hammer wore the white hat and the badge of the loneTexas Ranger, and  Johnny Depp made the role of TONTO his own, in a dead-pan, and hilarious portrayal.    Hiss, boo to "critics" who don't understand that movies are for entertainment, and this one was definitely FUN!   (OK, it wasn't a "great" film, but so what?   (I didn't particularly like the opening  showing a little boy visiting an old west museum, viewing a statue of an ancient "Noble Savage" and having it spring to life while he's looking at it.   (Of course, it's Tonto, of a very advanced age --)
And SILVER,  that quintessential horse was outstanding-- his intelligence and grace was  obvious -- and unique.   (See him -  galloping at high speed through several cars of the train.   Very enjoyable film.   Fooey on critics!


Very well done documentary featuring the usually un-credited, seemingly  anonymous  singers who create with their marvelous voices the rich accompaniment that enhances the performances of the lead singers.  Personally I'm not a fan of this particular type of music, which consists of powerfully belting out the syllables.  They do know how to make the most of harmonies --- unfortunately, I'm about 20 years  too old to enjoy this era.