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Saturday, September 7, 2013


Forest Whitaker as "The Butler" who served through eight Presidential terms (have fun trying to identify the well known actors who took those roles!) must surely win the Oscar!   And Oprah Winfrey, as his wife, might easily take home her own statuette for supporting role.
     "Lee Daniels' The Butler" is worth all the accolades it's been given.   For me, however, the depiction of the racist discrimination and persecution of the Negroes back in the era of the Butler's early life in the South was so painful, so awful (and undoubtedly so accurate)  that I left the theater  horrified and deeply disturbed.   (I spent my early childhood in Minnesota, where there were very few people of color. Then moved to California, in 1942 where I grew up, near Hollywood and Beverly Hills, a similarly "white" area.)   The harsh reality of History is never pleasant, and often truly horrifying to see.


Seldom does a move exceed my expectations, but this one certainly did! Fabulous,  amazing cinematography, outstanding martial arts scenes (and I'm not a martial arts aficionado by any stretch of the imagination). Stellar acting. The lead, who plays the legendary "Ip Man" is mesmerizing.    Masterfully directed by Kar Wai Wong; I was astounded by the excellence of this film, and how much I enjoyed it!    Bravo to all concerned!