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Sunday, July 7, 2013


Despite a negative review in the LA Times by Keneth Turan, the film critic,  my friends and I loved  "THE LONE RANGER!"  (and so did the rest of the audience who applauded enthusiastically  not only at the end of the film, but several times during the show. Handsome Armie Hammer wore the white hat and the badge of the loneTexas Ranger, and  Johnny Depp made the role of TONTO his own, in a dead-pan, and hilarious portrayal.    Hiss, boo to "critics" who don't understand that movies are for entertainment, and this one was definitely FUN!   (OK, it wasn't a "great" film, but so what?   (I didn't particularly like the opening  showing a little boy visiting an old west museum, viewing a statue of an ancient "Noble Savage" and having it spring to life while he's looking at it.   (Of course, it's Tonto, of a very advanced age --)
And SILVER,  that quintessential horse was outstanding-- his intelligence and grace was  obvious -- and unique.   (See him -  galloping at high speed through several cars of the train.   Very enjoyable film.   Fooey on critics!

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