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Sunday, September 16, 2012


Agreed, the acting is flawless, the cinematography excellent, but unlike the Critics who almost without exception fell all over themselves  lavishing praise on this film ,  I hated it!  Yes, the little girl who plays six year old "Hush Puppy" was adorable. She has that certain something that actresses strive for, the magnetic appeal that makes you fascinated with her every action.  But not only did I find it painful watching her father's tough love school of raising her to be independent (and able to survive in the brutal conditions of abject poverty and filth of what they call the "Bathtub" in Louisiana) but the deplorable disgusting things they ate were not my idea of providing enjoyment for the viewer. (Of course the child is motherless, and it's obvious the father adored the beautiful dead wife.)    Overall; UGH !

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