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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Trip

(FYI:  Though I'm posting two reviews today, I did not see both films the same day! - just haven't had time till now.)    Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are well known British comedians.  This film is a compilation of BBC Miniseries (Directed by Michael Winterbottom)  of their hilarious (at least I thought so!) attempts to out-do each other with impersonations - notably Michael Caine and Sean Connery (and 007's enemies.)  The two marvelous masters of improv set off together, in this story, to gather material that Steve needs to write an article for the Obsever describing the culinary arts of obscure, but really fancy, expensive restaurants in Northern England.  The story says that because Steve's girlfriend couldn't join him, he asked Rob to go on "The Trip."  And it is, indeed, a trip and a half!   I laughed a lot.
 If you like this "Dinner With Andre" (on acid) type of "conversation," you will too!FOUR STARS

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