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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It was a very hot day in Los Angeles, so sitting in a nearby air-conditioned theater (not a multi-plex) on the Fourth of July seemed likd a good idea, even though "Submarine" sounded like a film I would not particularly like.  --- And I was right.  It was mostly slow moving, artsy, and therefore, boring. Welsh accents didn't help the too many minutes spent in the occasionally whimsical fantasies of a fifteen year old boy, named Oliver Tate, played by Craig Roberts, who narrates this supposedly 'biopic' of his life.  His acting as well as that of Paddy Considine, who plays a New Agey lecturer and TV personality was fine.  Directed by Richard Ayoade (GOK what he had in mind), I reluctantly give "Submarine" (title does not relate to the film at all) ONE STAR for the acting.  (Well, at least the A/C was working.) Sigh.

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