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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Monte Carlo

This one took me by surprise.  The trailer looked promising:  three teenage girls are on vacation in France, and one of them is a dead ringer for an extremely rich and famous spoiled and obnoxious heiress.  If you are a 12 years old girl, or a very young teen, you probably would like this film.  Otherwise, avoid it!   Cliche situations. Over the top caricatures of mishaps that can happen when you travel).  Unlikely romantic meetings. Dashing, handsome young men ( one from Australia). The nice sincere boy friend from Texas who follows "Emma," his one true love to reclaim her. OMG -- The usual OK photography of well known Paris sights.  A totally wacky tour bus leader goes at an absurd breakneck pace, not allowing anyone to really see anything.  Katie Cassidy plays "Emma." Leighton Meister plays "Meg." and Selena Gomez gets the role of both "Grace" from America, and the wealthy, spoiled"Cordelia." Oh, and another plot conceit is the eventual bonding of "Meg" and "Grace" who have recently become step-sisters.  The  "accidental" impersonation by "Grace" of "Cordelia" enables the three girls to live in luxury for a few days. Directed by Thomas Bezucha.  I'm too old to give this film a twinkle, much less a STAR: 

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