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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Directed, or I should say "mis-directed" by Gil Cates Jr. who shared writing dis-credits with Kent Sublette, the film was my unlucky choice! Despite interesting previews (which included one scene that wasn't even in the final cut), other than Jeffrey Tambor (playing the police inspector) and Ann-Margaret (as the Mother of "Ben," played by Colin Hanks, nobody else was outstanding. Ari Graynor does seem believable as the girl "Lucy" who marries "Ben" for his money, after he wins the Lottery.  (And she eventually goes off the deep end also.) Slight problem is that "Ben" has killed several women.  A bizarre premise without any real foundation, peopled with obviously deranged characters (including Ann-Margaret as "mama" who seems, at best,  rather strange). I went primarily to see Tom Hanks son.  Perhaps in a better story, he might fare better.  I felt cheated.

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