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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


What is it about French leading men that makes them so lovable? I refer, of course, to the amazing Francois Cluzet who plays "Philippe," the  wealthy (really rich!),  paraplegic ( caused by a hang-gliding accident), who hires "Dris" (marvelously played by  Omar Sey), a black Muslim ex-con - surely the most unlikely candidate,  as his care-giver. "Philippe" chooses him primarily because he sees the guy has no pity or even compassion. He definitely doesn't want to be pitied.  "Dris" didn't really want the job, or expect to get it, he only applied so that he could show the folks that dole out the "unemployment" $$$ that he had made an effort to get a job.  It sounds trite to say that the two men, (from diametrically opposed backgrounds) "bond," and become really excellent pals, who have fun together.  But the way the friendship unfolds makes for a delightful,  fascinating, entertaining story.  Oh, and it's based on a true story. -- At the very end, you see photos of the real people on whose adventures the film was based.   I loved this film, flawlessly Directed by Eric Toledana.  

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