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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Charlize Theron is gorgeous, (at least to start with) doing excellent justice to her role as the evil (truly, nasty, awful!) queen who has married (and killed) Snow White's widowed father so she can rule the kingdom. How Kristen Stewart ever got the part of "Snow White" is beyond me!   She's definitely no match for Charlize in the looks department, though the story requires that she be "fairest of all." Sorry to say, in my humble opinion, she doesn't have the acting skill that might have compensated.  Chris Hemsworth (fresh out of "The Avengers") was great as the "Huntsman," who becomes the friend/protector of Snow W, saving her from all the dangers of the Dark Forest.  At over 2 hours and seven minutes,  I was gettingt tired of the whole thing before it was over, but felt obligated to see it through.  The special effects were to die for, and from!  I'm not usually a fan of s.e. but these were marvelous.  I loved the Mirror apparition, and of course all the nasty, lethal stuff that the Evil Queen generated.  Rupert Sanders was the Director.  The Cinematograpy was superb.  The dwarfs (dwarves?) were not very cute or enjoyable. And there was way too much violence throughout. Battles scenes went on, and on, and on.  Noisy and exhausting. Movie was a big  disappointment overall  -- except for  Charlize performance, which was notably fine. (Costumes looked pretty good.)

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