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Sunday, August 4, 2013


Both Cate Blanchette ( "Jasmine") and Sally Hawkins (who plays her sister), offer Oscar winning performances.  In fact, every member of the cast is outstanding.  That being said, I have  also to say that Blanchette's portrayal of a woman going from the proverbial riches to rags, having a nervous breakdown, and resorting to booze and pills is so brilliant and heart rending that I left the theater almost in tears.  What a depressing, downer!!  (Instead of crying,  I went home and ate an entire pint of Vanilla ice cream.  It helped a little. {Carmel Ice Cream would have been even better.}) 
Other truly excellent, worthy of mention actors include Alec Baldwin, Bobby Cannavale, Louis C.K. (surprise:  he can act!) Peter Saarsgard, and Michael Stuhlbarg.  Directed by Woody Allen.  I guess he's lost his sense of humor. Humor used to be the redeeming feature of his neurotic films.  Sigh, moan groan, ugh.  (But, the acting is flawless throughout.)

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