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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Certainly, I am not a Shakespearean  scholar.  I am obviously not a "Highbrow.
      I had the audacity to thoroughly enjoy "Romeo and Juliet."  Some of the Critics panned it, probably because it did away with the Shakespearean lingo, and all the characters spoke so that you could easily understand what they were saying. I liked Hailee Steinfeld as an innocent kind of "farm-fed" sweet young girl, and Douglas Booth was perfectly cast as handsome Romeo.  One of my favorites, Paul Giamatti was delightful as the wonderful Friar Laurence, who helps the young couple.  Worthy of note is excellent Lesley Manville who plays Juliet's Nurse.
        Screenwriter Julian Fellowes adapted the Bard's classic tale, and Carlo Carlei Directed the film.
        The two friends who saw the movie with me both enjoyed it, and --and they are not dummies!
         So, if you're willing to just see a romantic/tragic love story with an excellent cast, go see 'ROMEO and JULIET."   Perhaps you will like it; I did!


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