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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Aptly titled,  "BAD WORDS" is, unfortunately, just a foul-mouthed film, gleaning its "humor" from an adult contestant (Jason Bateman) competing (legally, because  he never finished 5th grade) in a kid's spelling bee. However, Bateman's dialogue is almost exclusively  vile, x-rated  language. This just about ruined the movie for me.  I have learned to accept and can handle a certain number  of four-letter expletives in the movies, but this was way, way over the top (or  under the sewer).
     The redeeming feature of the film was the role played by delightful, young (nine or ten years old) Rohan Chand, whose innocent, genuine attempts to befriend Bateman are rudely rebuffed  until  nearly  the end of the movie.  Spoiler alert:  Rohan's goodness finally does affect Bateman, and there's a "happy' ending. 

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