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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Beautifully photographed, the gentle rolling Provence countryside  is the pleasant setting for this charming  story of the Well-Digger, a widower with his six (count-em) daughters, especially the eldest,   Patricia, who has been brought up and educated in Paris. Having come home to help raise her younger sisters, she finds herself in a "condition" that will soon become visible, and thus she confesses her "sin" to her volatile father, who sends her to stay with his sister, in order to avoid local gossip. The handsome (wealthy family, too) young man, a pilot in WW I (played by Nicolas Duvachallel)is abruptly called to the front and his message to Patricia is intercepted by his mother (hiss, boo).  Directed by Daniel Auteuil, and starring Auteuil as the Well-Digger. Excellent dialogue (subtitles, of course), flawless acting, a real winner,  I love French films!  This one could be a classic; it takes its time to unfold, but never seems slow, and is definitely never boring!

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