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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Shakti's OSCAR PREDICTION:   Daniel Day-Lewis to win for best Actor!  He was truly superb in this marvelous film.   Be advised, the movie lasts over two and a half hours, but it kept me fascinated throughout!  I'm guessing "Lincoln" may go head to head with "Argo" for best picture.  Suffice to say,  don't miss "Lincoln."  Sally Field plays Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd (whom history has labeled  "mentally challenged," to say the least.)   Tommy Lee Jones, one of my favorite actors is great (as usual) as one of the members of Congress as they deal with the question of Abolition of slavery.   "Lincoln" is a must-see film, not just for this year, but I think for many years to come, DON'T MISS IT.  (I was pleased to see Hal Holbrook, even if briefly.)

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