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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Arnold deserved a better vehicle (no pun intended) to mark his heralded return to the big screen  than this poor film replete with corny dialogue, and made up 90% of noisy and violent car chases which I hated!    All of the actors in the few scenes in between car crashes were fine, even Schwarzenegger, playing the righteous local sheriff in a small town in Arizona acquitted himself admirably. And I always appreciate the professional acting of Forest Whitaker, this time as an FBI Agent.  Apparently (according to the credits) it took three writers to craft this sad excuse for a movie. It was (mis)directed by Ji-woon Kim.    Not only do I hate car chases, but they are actually boring!   I hope someone gives Arnold S. a decent movie to star in next time.  This one was just awful ( though I liked his performance, corny as the dialogue was.  Could it have been intended as a spoof of the genre?)   Sigh.

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