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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The  "NO" of  the title refers to the outcome of the referendum ("plebicite" {however you spell it}) that took place in Chile that deposed  (or refused another term) to Augusto Pinochet who had ruled the country --- more as a Dictator than his title of President would suggest.  During his regime, people disappeared,  were killed, etc., etc.    The reason the vote was held was the result of international scrutiny of the situation there. Despite knowing that the result would be "NO." the film was so well done that the suspense factor was never lost!  Starring Gael Bernar, who played the Advertising expert who created the excellent winning "No" campaign, I was enthralled by him.   I highly recommend this film  Really well done.  (Sorry I didn't note the Director's name, because obviously he deserves a lot of credit.)

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