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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Written and directed by Pablo Berger, this clever Spanish re imagining of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is replete with a really evil stepmother, I mean really evil! - (almost a caricature),  Shot in black and white, with no sound track, it is a worthy tribute to the silent melodramas of yore. (Old fashioned captions periodically- as needed.) 
The unique feature of this take on the immortal tale of Snow White, is that she is the daughter of a famous bull-fighter and becomes a famous bullfighter herself, starring with a troupe of, (what else but?) seven Dwarfs.   Oh, and because of an accident, she has lost her memory, and doesn't know why or how she learned to be a bullfighter.  I fell in love with the actor who played her father. (Sorry, I'm not familiar with the names of the Spanish cast, all of whom were marvelous.)  Photography was excellent; noteworthy! Scene is set in Southern Spain in the 1920's.   I thoroughly enjoyed this film. (Though it is melancholy.)  

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