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Sunday, December 1, 2013


Very well done,  realistic and accurate portrayal of folks in small Midwest towns, their conversation, and attitudes.  Premise is that of an elderly (quite old) man (played to perfection by Bruce Dern) who receives one of those, "You  have won a  Million Dollar prize" letters. So he sets off walking in order to collect the money in a neighboring State.   His patient son, who loves his dad, can't talk any sense into him, and figures it will be safer for his dad if he drives him there (Lincoln, Nebraska). Filmed  in black and white --or gray and white, everything looks definitely dismal (no Technicolor). I found the movie depressing,but I admit it was very well made.  My friend (who is from Nebraska) enjoyed it a lot.  She said the dialogue was so true to life  that she almost knew what the characters were going to say next!   So, depending on your own experiences, you may enjoy this film. I did not. 

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