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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


If you love movies, you'll love this one! It's about the transition from the era of Silent Films into the talkies. It is funny, and tragic, and fascinating! (Did I mention funny ?) The lead actor is fantastic, Jean Dujardin, playing "George Valentin" -- the silent film star who just couldn't be better as such! (The ultimate "ham" - not on rye, though he does drink a lot.)  Pert, pretty, and definitely peppy, not in name only, is Berenice Bejo, perfectly playing "Peppy Miller," who starts as an extra in silents, and when sound kicks in, becomes becomes a big star.  She talks, she dances, she falls for "George" - even though she is much  younger.  "The Artist" is an example of truly great film making.  Congratulations to the casting director for giving John Goodman an opportunity to show his acting chops (as well as his jowels) silently! And there's also the always excellent James Cromwell as "Clifton," playing "Valentin's" loyal chauffeur.   Unfortunately I couldn't catch the name of the terriffic dog who has a pivotal role in the story.  Don't miss this film, expertly directed by Michael Hazanavicius.!

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  1. Apparently the dog's name is Uggie. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one!