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Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Puss In Boots"

Always charming and appealing, Antonio Banderas inhabits his "Boots" (except when the amazing and seductive "Kitty," voiced by  Salma Hayek, steals them briefly -- just because she can!) Quite a drama, with sword fights, daring rescues, betrayal, redemption, and romance! (Plus more!) Exceptionally excellent animation, perfect casting (including Zach Galifianakis as "Dumpty,"  Billy Bob Thornton as "Jack,"  and Constance Marie as "Imelda."  The story fills in the early years of "Puss" (before he meets "Shrek") and how he and "Dumpty"  (as in "Humpty") became brothers.  The cats' expressions are priceless. Chris Miller is given credit as Director -- but really, these cats surely seemed to be alive on their own.-  They knew what they were doing, and how to do it!  (Wait till you see the dancing!   I really loved this movie.  Great fun.  (and I did NOT see it in 3D-- no need) Not just for kids.

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