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Sunday, November 13, 2011


 I did not see these two on the same day! Just for fun, go see "Tower Heist"  starring Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck, and Eddie Murphy who work for the owner of the impeccable, luxury Tower hotel/residence. (Alan Alda, no more "nice guy,"  plays against type as the multi-billionaire , who has swindled his employees -- and a bunch of other folks -- who invested with him, out of all their money).  This film is clever, funny, entertaining, and well done in every department.  The employee/victims of the boss's greed decide to steal back their money they believe is hidden in his Penthouse dwelling. Change of pace:  Going from the ridiculous to the sublime"Pianomania" -- a brilliant, fascinating documentary showing the work of Stefan Knupfe, who is a genius at tuning pianos to suit the needs of the various (famous) artists and the various concert halls where they play.  I thought it might be boring, but on the contrary, it was fabulous!  With outstanding music, photography, and an insight into the extraordinary abilities of those who can hear the subtle nuances of tone, power, clarity, resonance of various pianos under the hands of brilliant virtuosos.  This was one of the best documentaries I've ever seen!  If you've ever played the piano, or listened to  music on  the radio,  or attended a concert, you will be astounded (I certainly was) at the amount of painstaking work that goes into finding the "right" piano, (They number them!) and keeping it tuned before, during and after a performance.  You get to go inside the Steinway factory and see the amazing intricacies and details of the multitude of moving parts that comprise a Piano. Flawlessly directed by Lilian Frank and Robert Cibis.  I have to gush with exhuberance about this film!!

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