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Saturday, January 28, 2012


It is indeed, JOYOUS!  With Queen Latifah as "Vi Rose Hill" and Dolly Parton competing for leadership of their Church Choir - and a subplot of the unlikely romance between "Vi Rose's" daughter "Olivia," charmingly played and sung (fabulously) by Keke Palmer and Parton's irresistably appealing grandson "Randy Garrity," (a perfectly cast Jeremy Jordan who has a voice like an angel) the singing in this film is beyond marvelous.  If you love Gospel music as much as I do, this movie is IT  !!)  So what if the dialogue is a bit corny, and the plots are predictable, who cares when all you have to do is enjoy the amazing blending of voices of the two young leads, and the incomparable Queen Latifah belting it out with Parton -- not to mention (though I must acknowledge) the rest of the choir members who are all fantastic!  Foot tapping, hand clapping hard to resist.  Of course, there's a Competition to be won (or not), and choreography that enters into it.  What a treat to see a film that leaves you feeling truly upbeat, and full of Joy!    Congratulations to Director, Todd Graff.

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