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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oscar Commentary

Someone asked that I comment on the outstanding 2011 Films.  Here goes: First of all, I loved "The Artist." Totally delighted that it won so many well deserved awards. The charming, handsome French lead actor has my vote any day! I  Actually saw "Midnight in Paris" three times! And loved it each time. (Best Original Screenplay)  Cotilliard is one of my favorite actresses, and although I'm not a fan of Owen Wilson, the hero in this one, he did well, and I thought it was great fun and enjoyable.  I appreciate Woody Allen's refusal to attend the Oscars.  I wish they'd figure out a way to honor excellent films, without making just one of them the "best."   I did not, and will not see "Iron Lady."  If I want to watch an aging woman losing her mind, I can stay home and look in the mirror. Sorry, Merryl.  As for foreign language, once again, I must remind myself to ignore the professional critics, who raved about "A Separation." I hated it.  Yes, it was flawless acting, marvelous photography, but I don't enjoy spending about two hours watching/listening to people screaming/yelling at each other. What a pity if this is a valid portrayal of the life of women in Iran.  Miserable experience.  As for the Animated films, I like "Puss In Boots" better than anything else.  I did not like "Tin-Tin."   So, I think that's about it, in case you're interested.   Thank you for reading!

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  1. Loved that! I haven't seen Iron lady either. Will watch Pus 'n Boots. Did you see Rango?