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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Thomas Doret perfectly plays the Kid, "Cyril" who sets out to find his father who has disappeared from his life. A lot of the screen time is devoted to "Cyril" riding his bike, yet it was never boring. I sat fascinated, waiting to see what would happen next. I cared so much about the boy, that I was totally absorbed in watching him "keep up," undaunted, no matter what trials and tribulations were thrown at him.  And there were plenty.   I can't say I "enjoyed" the movie --- because it was painful (HERE COMES THE SPOILER) to see the rejection by his father when he finds him, the cruelty of the gang of boys who steal his bike and beat him up, and the betrayal of a man who pretends to be  his friend.  One redeeming feature - when you're about to give up on "man's inhumanity to man," is the role of a hairdresser, so beautifully played by Cecile De France, who protects the boy. She exemplifies the finest feminine instinct of "mother love" in action. Masterfully Directed (of course!) by the Dardenne brothers, this is an excellent film, perhaps one of their best (according to the Critics). It's not your typical Hollywood blockbuster.  It's sensitive, and insightful -- definitely aware of the flaws in humanity.  I was grateful for the English subtitles.

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