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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Finally, a movie I could really enjoy! Characters I cared about; a unique story; marvelous acting from a great cast.    Beautiful Emily Blunt (delightful and charming of course, and a marvelous actress); Ewan McGregor (one of my favorites, though maybe his accent was a bit, just a bit, over the top, but I won't fault him for it,  it was probably authentic.); Kristin Scott Thomas (always turns in a first-rate performance; this is one of her best); and Amr Waked (as the visionary, idealistic Sheikh --  sooooo handsome!) and he is marvelous actor.  Skillfully Directed by Lasse HallstromPhotography was splendid, taking advantage of Yemen's outdoors, as well as the memorable faces. Adding to the enjoyment factor, I giggled and laughed frequently as situations and dialogue were irresistably humorous. Of course,  I know nothing about fishing.  Nevertheless, the movie was a real treat.  For the millions of people who seem to find fishing appealing, I  imagine this film would be even more enjoyable.  The plot is truly unusual not as predictable as you might expect.  It keeps you in suspense!  (As usual, the "Critics"  didn't praise it as I have,  but then, nobody pays me to be cynical.) 

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