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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Evidently I'm in my second childhood (I'm old enough to be in my third at least), because I loved this film!   Critics slammed it, those cynical professional old meanies! they claim that it mainly  appealed to young girls! (though they had to admit that Julia Roberts was excellent.)  I found it delightful, fun, interesting, and marveled at how perfectly all the players fit their roles. Yes, Julia "inhabited" the part of the beautiful, but evil, wicked stepmother you loved to hate.  She really nailed it.  (Her "beauty" treatments were a bit much to watch, eeeeew!)  Nathan Lane, that wonderful, more wonderful than ever, actor was terriffic as the Queen's reluctant major domo. Lily Collins, the beautiful (Snow White)  more than did justice to her part, in every way. Armie Hammer was/is perfect as the Prince!   He was great! (Plus, he can act.  He played "silly" as required, for  when he was under the spell of the wicked Queen.) The seven dwarfs were given a showcase for their special talents and individual personalities that was so much fun!  There was magic, of course. Dialogue first rate!    I'll say it again,  I loved this film!   

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