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Saturday, April 28, 2012


It's probably me.  I lack the sophistication, or appreciation for such "artsy, " slowmoving, meandering, (really, really slow moving), getting nowhere kind of film. I found "Here"  boring, and almost wanted to escape from the theater!   Lots of landscape for openers, then a "romance" (Lots of sreamy kissing) between  American "Will Shepard" (a satellite mapping engineer) played by Ben Foster and the expatriate Armenian photographer, "Gadarine Nazarian" played by Lubna Azabal. There are a few other characters thrown into the mix. (Her family, friends.)I can't fault the acting (though I had trouble hearing Lubna when she spoke English - thank God for subtitles when Armenian was being spoken - there is not a lot of dialogue in the film.) the emphasis is primarily on the shots of the land. Oh, and the voice over, that opens this loser (done by Peter Coyote ) made no sense to me whatsoever.)  I did care about Ben Foster a lot, his character was very likable.  Directed ("mis-directed?) by Braden King who  bravely admits to  sharing writing credits. Well the seats were comfortable in the theater, which held me, and about 5 other people for this matinee today.  I wonder how Armenians will feel about this film?  It didn't present a positive incentive for travel (though the scenery is often beautiful) to Armenia. (Including militia at checkpoints.)  Perhaps someone can explain to me what the movie was supposed to be about. Oh, and before I forget, there is a lot of heavy drinking throughout. Wine and vodka to excess.--

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