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Saturday, October 13, 2012


If an accurate portrayal of the difficulties of being a teenager appeals to you, then you'll probably appreciate "Perks."  The acting is marvelous.  Especially notable is Logan Lerman as "Charlie."  Equally excellent are Ezra Miller as "Patrick," and Emma Watson (definitely grown-up from and out of her childhood role as "Hermione" in the Harry Potter series). Directed by Stephen Chbosky, whom I applaud for casting Paul Rudd, who is suuperb as the kids' High School Freshman English teacher.  Personally,  I'm just not that interested in stories about "High School Days." Sorry, not the genre for me.    I am told the film follows the book (which I'd never heard of) quite accurately.  And, there's a background of early childhood problems that is revealed near the end.  You may love it; I didn't, as explained above.

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