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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


No, it's not about a bank robbery!   It is an entertaining documentary about an outstanding African American Basketball player, Kevin Sheppard, who took a job playing for a team in Iran, because the money would be excellent, and since he didn't make the NBA, he figured he might as well go and earn a lot.  His visit to Iran took place in early 2009, when a revolution was brewing.  Kevin tried and pretty much succeeded in staying out of politics, and focused on improving the team for which he'd been hired. Apparently Iran allowed their teams to import two foreign nationals to play for them.   Kevin not only was chosen captain of his team, but expertly coached and mentored the very young players on it who benefited from his skill and experience.  Wonderfully Directed by Till Schauder, it cleverly wove the scenes on the basketball court with scenes of three young women Kevin's friendship with them  (against the law to socialize with him, but they did), and scenes of the political turmoil in the country. THE IRAN JOB also provided  a delightful showcase for Kevin's irrepressible sense of humor. Truly a charming young man.  As you may or may not know,  I am not particularly a sports fan, but I really got involved in the games in this film.  It's worthwhile seeing! 

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