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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Help

This wonderful film is based on the excellent Best Seller, deftly directed by Tate Taylor with a fine cast, starring Emma Stone as "Skeeter," college grad who aspires to be a novelist. Co-starring Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis,  "Skeeter" comes up with the revolutionary idea of  writing about the real experiences of "colored help" serving their white employers, lovingly raising their white babies, etc.  It's not easy to convince them to tell their stories to her, considering how dangerous it could be for them (in the '50s in Mississippi !)  however, when they finally agree, the result, the publication of her book, comes at the perfect time in U.S. history, when Civil Rights are coming to the forefront.  Of course, "Skeeter" publishes anonomously. (Watch  for the always splendid Allison Janay and Sissy Spacek.)  As usual in my experience,  books are able to be richer in detail than films, but this movie is an  impactful drama yet includes plenty of laughs.
 "The Help"  ----  Read it, or see it.

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