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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Directed by Errol Morris, this is the true story (at least Joyce McKenney's version of truth) of what she calls her "special romance" with Kirk Anderson, a devout Mormon whom she rescued (or kidnapped?) in England and had consensual sex (or forced it upon him?) for three days.  She spent time in jail and became quite a celebrity - which she no doubt enjoyed (though she claims not). A former beauty queen with an IQ of 168 (so she says), her obsession with Kirk made tabloid headlines as did revelations of her colorful past as well as some adorable puppies, the product of a successful cloning process she paid for later in life.  She is deftly interviewed by Morris, and talks nearly non-stop thoughout this fascinating, expertly crafted documentary(showing copies of newspaper articles, and using some animated illustrations apppropriate to some of events in her story) .  She spews out a powerful denunciation of  Mormon beliefs and practices, (She calls it a 'cult,' and claims Kirk was brainwashed by them.) What really happened? Is she lying? or not? Deluded? You decide. Anyway, there isn't a boring minute in this compelling film. (And, of course, she's writing a book about her undying love for Kirk.)

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