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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


French film (subtitles, of course), directed by Mona Achache who obviously brought out the best in a superb cast starring a remarkable young actress, Garance Le Guillermic, who plays "Paloma," an 11 year old girl who, using an old camcorder is making a film of what she terms the "Goldfish bowl," hopeless, useless lives of her rich family and the people she sees around her. Her depressing view of life is transformed by her unexpected discovery of the secret of the concierge (janitor!) in her building  "Renee Michel" played by the excellent Josiane Belasco), and an unlikely but marvelous friendship she develops with the charming, debonair Togo Igawa perfectly playing "Kakuro Ozu," a new neighbor in the building.  Only after seeing the film will you appreciate the title. What a joy to see such a totally enjoyable, unique, artistic, satisfying movie! 

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