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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Higher Ground

Vera Farmiga already demonstrated  her expert acting skills in "Up In the Air," and now, in addition to starring in "Higher Ground," in her Directorial debut, she gets the best out of an  outstanding cast. Despite having read general plot themes (Christian) ahead of time, I was not prepared for the  unexpected, clever twists and turns of this film.  I really, really liked it!  It was different and original. Joshua Leonard plays "Ethan,"  the sincerely born-again preacher husband to Vera Farmiga's "Corinne," and Dagmira Dominczyk is her sister "Annika." And, though he doesn't appear in many scenes of the film,  I loved Sean Mahon in the role of "Corinne's" mailman.   I look forward to anything and everything that Farmiga does in the future!   Terriffic talent! 

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