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Monday, June 20, 2011


This film is the opposite of "escape to the movies."   It portrays misery, suffering, violence, religious fanatic slaughtering for 130 minutes.  I wanted to walk out, but was curious enough to stay to learn the final outcome of the searches by these twins (brother and sister) whose mother's will had left them each with an envelope to deliver. His, to be delivered to his brother (his existence up to then unknown) and hers, to her father (previously assumed to be dead.) With confusing flashbacks throughout, and taking place in an unknown country, with both French and some Arabic type of language spoken  -- even subtitles didn't make it possible to know for sure what was going on.  Oh, and they are trying to track their mother's past, and that's another snake pit -- including prison and torture.  Definitely not a fun film.  Unless you are a masochist (or a film "Critic" by profession, since many of them praised it!) I suggest you avoid this French Canadian movie.  Acting was good (they certainly could portray misery!) and photography was good.   ONE STAR 

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