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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Tree of Life

This was painfully sad to start with (telegram comes, obviously son has been killed- probably in a war); muted dialogue of mourning parents; boring 'artsy' photographs of tall trees alternatiang with loud, ear splitting sound track to accompany somebody's idea of how the earth began, with shrill soprano vocalizing, and then just shrieking sounds.  (Indicating heat and explosion of creation?) By the time the first dinasaur-like creature emerged from the primal ooze (I had endured about 45 minutes) I couldn't stand it any longer and I escaped from the theater.  It is rare that I walk out on a movie.  Over the years, less than a handful. This one joins the group.  Believe it or not, the film has Brad Pitt and Sean Penn.  What were they thinking?????   Maybe ONE STAR (for photography of the trees!)

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