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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Directed by Kenneth Branagh, with the always magnificent Anthony Hopkins as "Odin" and beautiful Renee Russo as his wife, "Thor" was heavy on the special effects ( thank goodness it was not in 3D).  Someone designed a marvelous imaginary locale for the Norse gods to inhabit, but the technical achievement was wasted on me.  In fact, I almost walked out  (really!) in the beginning because it was nothing but scenery - despite its obviously excellent design- for what seemed like a tedious 10 minutes at least.  However, I enjoyed the parts of the film where there were people to watch. The "GateKeeper" deserves highest praise.   Obviously Hopkins was superb, and Chris Hemsworth as "Thor," "Odin's" eldest son was perfectly wonderful.  I liked Natalie Portman as "Jane," the scientist whose jeep accidentally runs over "Thor" when he falls from the sky, having just been banished by "Odin." There's a jealous and power hungry younger brother, also very well played.  This movie was a mixed bag for me, half annoying and boring, and the other half (story and acting) first rate - entertaining.  Maybe I'm just too old.    Anyway,  you  do the math: Half and Half =  TWO STARS

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