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Thursday, October 13, 2011


So, what if possibly (probably?) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid didn't die in 1908 as legend had us believing, but instead escaped to Bolivia, and lived there incognito, until about 1927 when this story takes place, well, you have the makings of film with lots and lots of scenery, and lots and lots and lots more of horses galloping (with and without riders), across the endless bleak scenery -- that some folks find beautiful.   I'm not one of them. Nor am I a fan of frequent flashbacks providing (ostensibly providing) plot background.    Sam Shepard plays the aged Cassidy, going by the name of "James Blackthorn" in a small Bolivian village.  He has a local love interest, there's the obligatory "mystery" of money missing from a mine robbery, and a sort of a "buddy" in the wilderness sub-plot.  Eduardo Moriego (really handsome guy) and Shepard take turns saving each other's lives, or chasing and shooting at each other, across the salt flats. Horses die, people die.  Critics liked this film.  Sorry, I was disappointedI found it boring, despite a few scattered scenes of interest (including conversation).  Not that I haven't enjoyed westerns in previous years.    This just wasn't one that I liked. (John Wayne, I miss you. Steeve McQueen, I miss you...)

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