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Monday, October 24, 2011


Ryan Gosling was great in "Ides of March" yet in "Drive" he possibly surpasses his excellence playing a very different type of role. As a stunt driver for the movies by day, and a "pick up" (waiting at a specified location, for no more than five minutes) driver for hire by criminals at night, willing to pay the price,  Gosling's  performance is simply marvelous.  Amazing car chases and stunts (that I usually don't like) were fascinating. The photography was superb, closeups of his (handsome/photogenic) face, which barely seemed to move, conveyed the exact thought/emotion intended.  This was probably the bloodiest, most violent films I've ever seen, with vicious hands-on attacks so brutal that I had to close my eyes.  Dare I admit I loved this film?  Well, I did.  I also appreciated the acting skill of Alan Arkin, another fine member of the cast.  Carrie Mulligan, playing a neighbor of Gosling's character, supplied a unique love interest with an unexpected sub-plot.  Be prepared to cover your eyes at times-- and enjoy.

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