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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


If you are a baseball fan, as most people are, you will be ecstatic over this movie!  I know nothing about baseball, and I was never interested in it, yet I loved this film!  Brad Pitt was outstanding, and I wouldn't be surprised if he (and/or the film) get to stand up when Oscar time comes around.   Phillip Seymour Hoffman (whom I barely recognized) also turns in his usual  perfect performance. Based on true events in  baseball history, the story reveals the behind the scenes economic realities that pull the strings that move/trade  players from one ball club to another, or retire them.   Quite a revelation, and brilliantly portrayed.   Especially noteworthy is the work of Jonah Hill, playing the mathematical wizard who computes what (which combination of players) the team should have for success. Apparently Billy Beane is the name of the real life ball player that Brad Pitt plays.   I don't get the constant spitting, that seems to be required by the game, but then, that's just me.  

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