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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Ides of March"

Before I read some "professional critics" criticism of this film,  I was about to gush all over about it --- because I loved it!   But, in order not to be considered too much of a pushover, I figured I'd have to qualify my enthusiasm by saying that it may not have been magnificent, but I since I wasn't looking for flaws,  I simply enjoyed it! For me, it was a treat just to watch the superb cast - headlined by George Clooney (who doesn't love George?) and Ryan Gosling (exceptionally excellent !) with equally fine performances by Philip Seymour Hoffman (who is always wonderful) and Paul Giamatti. Several other recognizable actors filled out the first rate ensemble cast, telling the sordid (and probably fairly accurate) story of nasty behind the scenes  political campaign strategies. I've never liked politics, so I was not disillusioned by what were probably all too true-to-life goings on.   (Directed by Clooney, in case  you're wondering, and he also participated in writing the screenplay.)  

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