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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Denzel Washington is such a fabulous actor, that it's always a pleasure to watch him in anything --- even in this ultra-violent, guns blazing, film, he excels.  Despite the fact that his character is that of a rogue CIA agent, you've still got to love him, even if it appears he's a "bad guy." But, of course, when you finally find out why he went rogue, it makes sense.  Then his marvelous co-star,  Ryan Reynolds,  is teriffic. They really make a dynamic duo.  So, it's not light entertainment, but it's a really exciting movie.  My only complaint is the blue/black color tone used to shoot every scene.  I would still have known it was a 'dark' drama without suffering through the 'off' color that was annoying to watch.

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  1. Shakti - I am wondering if you would give your opinions of the winners of the top Academy Awards this year? There were some very interesting picks. I'd love to hear your thoughts on. Love you, Jivan Joti Kaur