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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Good Grief!   What a downerI hated this movie.  I almost walked out, but wanted to see how it would end, and then  (spoiler alert)  it did not provide a resolution, and the end, as the credits rolled,  left you wondering.  Aaaargh! It was two hours of people yelling and screaming, some lying, plus the suffering of the obviously intelligent  eleven year old daughter, (marvelous actress) trying to keep her parents together.  Of course, the Critics loved this film!   Yes, the acting was flawless (way too realistic, showing how awful (loud and abusive) people can be to each other).  I can't find fault with the photography, but, OMG  --  I'm not a masochist, and this was just too painful!  Takes place in  Iran, I believe.  (The women all keep their heads covered.) Plots and subplots interesting, but sorry, I can appreciate some drama, but  I go to the movies to be entertained, not punished. 

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